Monday, January 9, 2017

Canada Among Top 5 In The List With Most Immigrants

An interactive tool has been published by the Pew Research Centre that is based in the United States that depicts the structure of the people immigrating to and from different countries around the world. The data has been taken from the United States Population Centre.

After analyzing the data it has been found that Canada immigration has been one of the highest in the world. The numbers are close to the number of immigrants that are coming to the United States. The data shows that nearly 46 million people who are living in Canada at present were born in a different country.

Talking about Canada immigration, it has been found that a dramatic transformation has taken place in the immigrant population of Canada in the past 25 years. According to the diagram created by Pew Research Centre, it has been found that the number of people who have immigrated to Canada from India in the year 2015 alone has been 620,000.

Back in the year 1990 only 170,000 people from India had received Canada permanent residency. This number rose to 320,000 people in a decade by the turn of the century. In the 2010, 560,000 people received Canada immigration from India.
When we take a look at the number of people applying for Canada immigration from different countries, India is at the second spot next only to China. It goes on to show that Indian people are able to settle down in Canada very easily and the environment there is very suitable for them.

It is worth noting here that USA has the largest number of immigrants in the world, but the share in the overall population is only 14%. On the other hand, 22% of population in Canada is that of immigrants putting it at the third spot in the overall list.

Australia is ranked at the second position in the share of immigrants with 28%, and the first spot is taken by Saudi Arabia where 32% of the population is immigrants. This all goes on to show the quality of life that is available to people applying for Canada permanent residency.

At the bottom of the list is Japan where only 1.6% people are immigrants and China is lower still where only 0.07% of population is immigrants.

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