Friday, May 20, 2016

Reliable and Experienced WWICS Can Help You Immigrate to Your Dream Country

When you pass out from a college, you are a fresh hand and it is difficult to get a job. Many Indian companies prefer to employ people with experience. A good way to enhance your professional capability is to apply for Australia immigration and earn overseas experience. You can also choose to pursue further studies and apply for student visa for Australia.

Nearly one-fourth of the residents in Australia are immigrants and they contribute heavily in the development of the Australian economy. It is because of this reason the government of Australia has an open door policy for people who want to come there for study or to settle down there. In case you are interested in applying for visa for Australia and searching for a reliable immigration consultant, you can check out WWICS reviews.

The government of Australia likes to have more immigrants contributing to their economy; still a person who wishes to apply for visa for Australia has to fulfill certain requirements in order to get approved for Australian immigration.

One of the many requirements include is to show that you are proficient in English. A person has to pass an English proficiency test and obtain a certain grade in order to get approval. Lower grades in the English proficiency test means your chances of approval will decrease. Check out the WWICS reviews to find out how aspiring immigrants were helped in getting Canada or Australia visa.

You can also apply for student visa for Australia with help from WWICS, your chances of approval increases considerably. This is because of the fact that WWICS has many years of experience in providing global resettlement services. It has expertise in dealing with student visa, business visa and permanent residency visa.

Very rarely, WWICS complaints have been received till now on the working procedure followed by it. The group has formed its complaints cells where it looks after any type of complaints that is received by it. This shows that WWICS is concerned about the problems and tension faced by its clients during immigration process.

Australia is a land of any opportunities and promises to provide a good life. You can make this life your own and in this you can take the help from trusted and experienced WWICS Group. You can check out what some of its ex-clients have to say by reading the WWICS reviews.

The WWICS reviews provided on its website proves the wonderful service that is provided by it. Contact a consultant at WWICS today and learn how you can apply for visa for Australia.

Friday, May 6, 2016

High Number of Family Based Super Visa Immigrants, Skilled Workers & Professionals Continued to Be Admitted by Canada

A preliminary data released recently by Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) clearly highlights that Canada continued admitting high number of new immigrants in the country in 2011. As per the data, no less than 248,660 immigrants were given Permanent Resident status in 2011, which consisted of 156,077 new economic immigrants, including immigrants on Canadian Skilled Workers & Professionals visa and 56,419 new family class immigrants and others.

Presently, the 29 POL of the Federal Skilled Worker Program has an annual cap of 10,000 new applications with a cap of 500 for each of the 29 occupations listed. Applicants with a job offer in an occupation where there is a shortage area are not affected by the cap. In case you do not have such a job offer, then the availability of visas is limited, since the 500 cap per occupation can be reached very quickly.

No sooner was the Parent and Grandparent Super Visa Program announced in December 2011, it became a popular choice for new immigrants with approval granted to over thousand applications. There has been an overall approval rate of 77 percent. year."

"Canada's per-capita immigration rate remains one of the highest in the world. Immigration has always been a sustaining feature of Canada's history and continues to play an important role in building our country. I'm pleased that the Parent and Grandparent Super Visa is working as intended and giving large numbers of eligible parents and grandparents an opportunity to spend extended periods of time with their families in Canada," said Citizenship & Immigration Minister Jason Kenney.

Following are the requirements to be met with by Super Visa applicants:
• Submit proof that the host child or grandchild meets a minimum income.
• Demonstrate that they have purchased comprehensive Canadian medical insurance.
• Undergo the Immigration Medical Examination procedure.

As of 26 February 2012, 80 percent of Super Visa applications were being processed within 41 calendar days. As noted by Kenney that application volumes continue to increase, CIC will also maintain its aim for a Super Visa processing time of eight weeks or lesser.

Lt. Col. B S Sandhu (Retd.), CMD, WWICS, the World's Largest Immigration Group said, "Federal Skilled Worker Program and Parent and Grandparent Super Visa program have been helping greatly all the Skilled Professionals as well as the eligible parents/grandparents, giving them the opportunity to immigrate to the maple country at the earliest possible. Canada’s charm and immigrant friendly regulations help it maintain its popularity at all times."

Apply Early for US Visas: Immigration Officials Advise Indian Students

Aspiring students in India wishing to realize their study overseas dreams in the most favored destination country, the US, are being advised to apply for US visas at the earliest by the United States-India Educational Foundation and US immigration officials. The officials are of the belief that applying for visas early will give students enough time to prepare for their personal interview sessions.

Vice Consul of the Consulate General of the US, Jessica Pfleiderer stressed upon the need for aspiring students to come prepared well so as to clear the US visa interview.

"Applying early for US visa is the key to ensure a hassle free process for the students, who want to study in the United States," said Pfleiderer about the immigration process.

Adding to that she said for US Student visa applications, the period stretching between April and July is the peak season, which means those applying as early as possible will have more time to come prepared for their interviews, hence increasing their chances of getting US Student visa.

Emphasis is laid upon getting to know the interviewee better through the interview session rather than the information given in the documents of the applicant. This is why it is highly imperative that the applicants come all prepared for the interview.

Pfleiderer also warned student visa applicants to submit only real documents since presenting fake documents could make them permanently ineligible for a US visa, thus will be unable to immigrate to the US, ever.

Citing the recommendation made by the immigration officials, Lt. Col. B S Sandhu (Retd.), CMD of WWICS, the World’s Largest Immigration Group said, "Students aspiring to reach the US must apply for visas at the earliest so that they have enough time to prepare for the interview. It is their performance at the interview session which can make or break their chances of getting a visa.