Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Immigration Industry

WWICS Chandigarh Review
On receiving the award Lt. Col. Sandhu humbly proclaimed, “We have a long way to go, much higher targets to achieve and more aspiring immigrants to assist. I thank the Times Group for encouraging and recognizing the efforts put in by everyone. Such felicitations keep the morale high and one feels like putting in more efforts. I congratulate and thank my team for doing whatever they can for making WWICS a leader in the Immigration Industry. ”

WWICS Chandigarh

Friday, July 19, 2013

Permanent Residency

WWICS Mohali Review

What makes company applications beneficial is the speed up process of getting  Long lasting Residence with comfortable determining requirements, reasonable financial commitment and easily possible language standard or academic certification. The Charge success rate is incredible as company individuals are the most anticipated immigration because they boost the economic system of the variety country. The financial commitment is assured and is refundable after 5 decades. 

WWICS Mohali


It is the best opportunity tossed by the Quebec, north america, migrants regulators for farm owners, company individuals, business owners, property traders, percentage providers, transporters, companies, hoteliers, professionals with management experience and many more. By giving immigrant business owners permanent residency and immediate access to a variety of associates, WWICS Canada wishes to position itself as a location of choice for appealing company individuals.

Monday, May 20, 2013

WWICS Chandigarh

WWICS Chandigarh -  After a sequence of incredible changes in the Canada immigration; another feather has been assigned into the same. The Canada regulators have reduced up the restrictions on the financial category candidates by allowing their position servicing and a continual to perform in North america while awaiting their PR program approval.
Open perform allows are already available for other in-Canada migrants law sources, such as live-in care providers, associates or common-law associates. This enhancement will result in reliable treatment for other candidates already in North america.

This effort would be a protection which has been needless interruption in the lifestyles of the newbies who are already adding and efficiently developing into the Canada financial system. Developments to the migrants law system like this will help North america entice the best and smartest from around the world – the experienced immigration who will meet the need of experienced work shortages.

Saturday, May 18, 2013


WWICS - A recent announcement made by the Sydney colleges showed that there was a rise in the variety of Native indian learners studying on College student Visas for this year's educational season.

Ted Baillieu, Premier of Australia's Victoria province said, "The variety of Native indian learners in Sydney on College student Visas has increased due to easier charge guidelines. The new charge guidelines allow learners to stay for a few years after completing their degree and work, so more learners are implementing."

Peter Varghese, Sydney High Commissioner also had his say regarding the improve in the variety of Native indian learners for 2011 educational season. "There has been a significant improve in the variety of applications received and the variety of learners implementing for colleges in Sydney. The improve is almost 30 percent compared to last season."

The improve seen in the variety of Native indian learners taking entrance in Sydney colleges is yet 40 per cent down in comparison to the peak years of 2009 and 2008, respectively.

WWICS Citing the situation, Varghese added that the decrease in the variety of learners was seen from all countries and not just India. High dollar value and overall days of economic downturn seemed to be the two major causes behind the decrease in the variety of learners seeking entrance in Sydney colleges.