Saturday, January 21, 2017

3 Options For Applying for Canada Visa

There is no limit on the number of people who want to immigrate to Canada. This country is considered safe and there are a number of business and jobs opportunities. A good portion of people coming to Canada choose the route of student visa. They acquire a higher education in a university or institute in Canada and ultimately apply for Canada immigration to get settled here.

As an aspiring immigrant you should be aware of all the options that are available to you to apply for immigration to Canada. Let us take a look at some of the options available. For complete details you can one of the offices of WWICS Group.

Business Immigration
Entrepreneurs, investors and businessperson can apply for immigration to Canada provided they are willing to invest in an existing business or want to start a new business there. In certain cases a two year work permit is granted to an investor. During this time the investor is required to show that a new business has been started successfully or an investment has been made.

After this two year period, the investor can apply for Canada immigration. The requirements to apply in each of the three cases including businessperson, investor and entrepreneur are different. For expert advice on how you can apply for immigration to Canada in any of the three categories can be had from WWICS Group.

Provincial Nominees Program
All provinces and territories have been given right by the government of Canada to nominate a person from their respective province or territory to apply for Canada immigration. Most of the requirements are almost the same for each province but they vary depending on the requirement and criteria.

You can apply for PNP immigration to Canada through an experience global resettlement service provider WWICS. You will be guided on what all documents that you are required to collect and your visa application file will be prepared by them on your behalf.

Family Sponsorship Visa
In case you have a family member who is settled in Canada, then the person can sponsor you for Canada immigration. It is a good way to join back with your family members who are settled abroad. To know about the technicalities of the project call a consultant at WWICS now.

Ask your questions related to immigration at WWICS complaints cell and immigrate to Canada in a legal and right manner.

WWICS is a world famous and highly reputed immigration consultancy firm that has helped thousands of people in settling happily in their dream destination. You can read the feedback of these people at the WWICS reviews section.

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