Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Obama Administration Returns Back to Supreme Court with Immigration Case


United States president Barrack Obama and his administration have moved back to the Supreme Court with a plea to hear the case on immigration again. The case is to allow nearly four million people who are living illegally to stay in the country.

According to critics, Obama administration is expecting too much from the highest judiciary, as in the majority of the cases these cases are normally rejected.

The bench of justice came out with a tie of 4 – 4 last months, which meant the decision taken by the lower court remained into effect which overruled to bring the immigration plan into effect.

The immigration plan was announced in 2014, with the objective to allow nearly four million people who are living illegally to remain in the country. 25 states including Texas sued against the plan that was proposed by President reasoning that he does not have the rights to bring in such changes.

The decision that was taken by Supreme Court was not based on those claims. As the case has been presented again the Justice Department stated that this is an important case presenting it again is in line with the historical practice.

The present government has acknowledged again that in very rare circumstances that the government hears a case for a second time. It was back in 1954, that such a request was accepted. The case of immigration is exceedingly important, and the highest judiciary would like to pay attention to it again.

The government was of the view that if they file the case again now, the decision will be kept on hold by the court till the time a ninth justice has been appointed. The case was filed again in the court with the reason that when the decision was taken on the case, the vacancy resulted in a tie on the decision taken.

According to a lawyer who appears frequently before the court stated that it comes as a big surprise that the court has accepted to hear the case once again. The government should not be blamed for trying to present the case again, but there is not much left in the case to be heard.

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Tuesday, July 5, 2016

WWICS ---- Ottawa Announce Programs To Boost Immigration

The federal government of Canada and the four Atlantic premieres has made the decision to launch a program to dramatically increase the number of immigration intake. These measures have been taken to counter the slumping economy and aging population. It has been proposed the number of intake will be doubled from its present state.

The new immigration plans will also look into creation of new jobs and boosting innovation. It is planned that the federal government will bring in 2,000 more immigrants apart from the apart from the number of immigrants a province is allowed to take through the provincial nominee program.

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In case the new program turns out to be fruitful, it is expected that the number of working hands will increase considerably in the next two years. All the four provinces will get equal number of immigrants and the skills of immigrants will be matched closely with the requirement of the employers and local businesses.

Treasury Board President Scott Brison made a statement that the region should start framing a welcoming culture where they can attract new faces in the form of immigrants. In case the program started here is successful than other provinces will follow the same.

The government of the region is making effort not only to boost immigration, but efforts are being made to improve the infrastructure, provide better broadband connectivity, create an international market for the food products produced in the region and to promote tourism as well.

This program goes on to show that co-operation has increased between the four Atlantic Provinces and Ottawa. This wave of boosting the economy and to bring in new immigrants who can work towards the growth of country has caught up in other provinces as well.

Not everyone, however, is in support of increasing immigration. A group of politician believes that slow down in economy cannot be countered alone by increasing the immigration, particularly, when we are not able to provide sufficient work to these people.

Moreover, the government also needs to take care of local workforce that remains largely unemployed. A proper balance need to be maintained between the local workforce and the number of immigrants that are being called.