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Worldwide Immigration Consultancy Services – A Brief Profile

Worldwide Immigration Consultancy Services (WWICS) was established in 1993 and it has grown to become a world leader in providing global resettlement services. WWICS has successfully helped more than 1 lakh clients in immigrating to their dream destination including Canada, Australia, UK, USA, Europe and New Zealand.

At present WWICS operates from 28 offices located at various national and international locations. The Company has increased its wings and also provide services in strategic business consultancy, higher education, real estate, placement and golf.

Lt. Col. B. S. Sandhu (Retd.), who went through lot of hardships when he immigrated to Canada back in 1988, is the founding father of WWICS. The company was started with the objective to ease out the hardship that aspiring immigrants go through.

WWICS has an ethical working culture wherein it provides genuine guidance to people who want to immigrate. The professional and genuine working pattern of WWICS has enabled it to make a global presence in the world of immigration services.

In the resettlement service provided by WWICS include eligibility assessment, application processing, and client assistance, pre-landing and post-landing services. WWICS deals in business immigration visa, skilled workers visa, permanent residency visa and student visa.

Few Days Left to Apply For Quebec Skilled Worker Program (QSWP)

Time is running out. In case you want to apply for Canada PR visa under the Quebec Skilled Worker Program (QSWP), than you need to really hurry up. Less than 2 weeks of time is left to apply for QSWP visa.

This exclusive program run by Quebec province of Canada and its working is quite different from that of the Express Entry System that is run by the federal government of Canada. Some of the distinct features of the Quebec Skilled Worker Program (QSWP) are:

·         Applicants under this program are served on a first-cum first-serve basis. There is different from the Expression of Interest that is being sent under the Express Entry system, which has become very popular among immigration aspirants across the world.

·         Individuals who want to apply for this program are required to create a profile and send it to the assigned authorities. You can take the assistance of WWICS – a global resettlement service provider in this matter.

The last date for submitting the completed application form is August 16 and a total of 5,000 applications will be accepted. In case you have not applied for it still or have not prepared your file then you will get behind the race to obtain Canada PR visa.

You also have to make sure that the application is submitted in the right manner. In case you are applying for QSWP for the first time, then it will really be a tough task for you. You should not worry, as you can take the expert guidance of WWICS, which has helped thousands of people to settle happily in Canada permanently.

When you fill the application form for QSWP you will be required to mention different information and it is quite possible that you may commit some mistake. In case it happens your application will be rejected.
If you want to make sure that your application for QSWP is submitted in the right manner, it is better to take the assistance of WWICS immigration consultant. You can contact WWICS complaints cell in case you have any question related to applying for Canada visa.

A plus point for applying for this program is that you do not need to show proficiency in French, provided you have strong credential in other areas.

With WWICS expert guidance, your chances of approval under QSWP will increase considerably. You can see the feedback from happy clients who settled in Canada, in the WWICS reviews section.


Calgary, Toronto and Vancouver among the Most Livable Cities of The World

When we talk about the most ‘livable’ places in the world, three cities of Canada are among the list of top five. This latest report has been put forward by the Economist magazine. Vancouver is at the third place, Toronto at fourth place and Calgary at the fifth place.

These cities are ranked based on the stability in the city, education system, healthcare system, environment, culture and healthcare. Australian cities also feature in the list of top 10, with Melbourne taking the number one spot. Adelaide is placed at fifth position and Perth is placed at seventh position.

The other cities that featured in the list of top 10 include Hamburg at 10th position, Helsinki at 9th, Auckland at 8th and Vienna taking the second position. Vancouver has moved down from a perfect 100 score to 97.3. These points are given on the basis of its education, healthcare, environment and culture.

In the environment and cultural category each city was judged on the basis of the quality of food, religious restrictions, level of corruption and humidity. Cities were given points in education and healthcare system on the basis of the quality and availability of both public and private services.

The western powerhouse of Canada has been at the forefront when it comes to economic performance, and the booming housing market that is attracting people from across the globe, particularly from China.

Recently, a strong step was taken by the Canadian government when it decided to raise the tax for new property by 15 per cent for foreign buyers. A score of 95 has been given to British Columbia in terms of stability and 92.9 in terms of infrastructure.

All this indicates that Canada is a wonderful place to live and work in. but, resettling down in Canada is not an easy task. Each visa application is scrutinized keenly and it is made sure that the documents submitted by the applicant are genuine.

In case you want to make sure that your application gets more chances of approval than you should get your visa application prepared by WWICS – a global resettlement service provider. Worldwide Immigration Consultancy Services (WWICS) has more than two decades of experience and has helped thousands of people in settling happily in Canada.

You can put forward your queries for preparing your Canada visa application file to WWICS complaints cell. You can know about the reputation and the quality of work done here by reading the feedbacks given in WWICS review section.

Increase in Immigrants to Nova Scotia, Government Plans to Raise Settlement Funds

There has been an increase in the number of immigrants that are coming to Nova Scotia. It has caused a slight concern for the NDP as more funds are required to help new comers settle there.

The province needs to increase its funding in order to help new immigrants settle easily. The chief executive officer of the immigration office of the province, Julie Towers stated on Wednesday that in the first half of this year a total of 3,418 new immigrants have come to Nova Scotia. This number is slightly more than that of 2015.

A big share in this number is contributed by Syrian refugees, but Towers is of the view that the province will be able to achieve its annual target of having 7,000 new immigrants. It is done to compensate for the declining and aging population.

Towers added that one of main factor in achieving this target is whether Ottawa, which still controls the immigrants that coming to province, increases the present limit or not.

Lenore Zann, an NDP member of the legislature, stated that the small increase in budget will not be able to meet the demand for providing assistance to schools, language classes and job training. Settlement agencies have complained that the funds that are being provided are not sufficient to meet the demand.

The province of Nova Scotia needs more people to keep up with its current pace of development, but it has not been able to do so as enough funds are not able, Lenore confirmed.

The funds required for the resettlement of new immigrants has increased from around 3.4 million dollars for 2014 – 15 to 4.4 million dollars for the year 2016 – 17. Few hundred thousands are increased in the funding budget every year as the number of immigrants has also increased every year.

The government of Canada is aware about this shortcoming and it is taking steps to overcome the deficit. In the near future, this problem is planned to be sorted out and new immigrants in Nova Scotia will see a better future for them.

In case you want to immigrate to Canada and want to apply for Canada’s permanent residency visa, but have lot of confusion from where to start, than you can take the assistance of WWICS complaints cell.

WWICS has helped thousands of people to settle happily in the country of their choice. You can learn about the experience of these clients in the WWICS reviews section.

Nova Scotia Gears Up to Accommodate Increased Immigration

Nova Scotia has seen an influx in the number of immigrants it has received this year. Although, there is a need for new immigrants in the province of Nova Scotia as the local population is aging fast, but this influx has caused concern for the authorities of the province. 

The NDP has raised the red flag that more funds will be required to help accommodate these new number of immigrants. Julia Towers, the chief executive officer of the province for immigration office, has stated that the province has received 3,418 new immigrants up till now this year. This number is slightly more than what was received in the year 2015.

A major portion in this immigration has been taken by Syrian refugees. Towers made it clear that the province wants to achieve its annual target of new immigrants i.e. of 7,000. Now, Ottawa controls the immigration to this province, so in order to achieve the target the annual limit will have to be increased.

The budget for the province is increased every year by few hundred thousand. In the year 2016 – 17, 4.4 million dollars were allocated for the province, which was more than the 3.4 million dollars allocated in the year 2014 – 15.

Restructuring efforts are being made to ensure smooth facilitation of funds and proper resettlement of new immigrants in Nova Scotia.

However, more money is required to be allocated each year to happily settle new immigrant and to keep up with the current rate of development. There are two ways of obtaining permanent residency of Canada, first one is to apply through the express entry system and other is to obtain nomination under the provincial nominee program.

We can help you decide which path is most suitable for you to obtain permanent residency of Canada. There are various technicalities involved in applying for immigration to Canada and without a helping hand from an immigration expert like  WWICS , things can be really difficult.

For a better future of your family resettle in Canada with expert guidance from WWICS. In case you want to immigrate to Canada and want to apply for Canada’s permanent residency visa, but have lot of confusion from where to start, than you can take the assistance of WWICS complaints cell.

We has helped thousands of people to settle happily in the country of their choice. You can learn about the experience of these clients in the  WWICS reviews section.

Changes Recommended in Canada’s Temporary Foreign Workers Program

A House of Commons is given the task to review the foreign temporary worker program (TFWP) of Canada. A wide range of changes have been recommended to the current program, such as making it easier for temporary workers to become permanent residents of Canada.

It has also been made simple for businesses to respond to the needs of the labor market. The committee will also make changes to a regulation which makes it compulsory for a foreign worker under a work permit to work only with a specific employer.

Changes are asked to be made to this regulation as it leads to a abusive relationship and gives undue to power to the employer. As per the changes recommended, employers who will exhibit using the program in an appropriate manner will be put in a “trusted employer program”.

Soon after as the new report was published, the minister of immigration, John McCallum and the minister of employment, workforce development and labor, MaryAnn Mihychuk, stated that the new recommendations will be put into force within a time period of 120 days.

These changes were proposed by the present government when it took office last November. It is worth noting here that Liberal Party has a majority in the House of Commons and also in the committee. It was back in June 2014, that the last changes were made to the temporary foreign worker program (TFWP) by the Conservative government.

Changes Recommended to the TFWP

Labor Market Impact Assessment Application Fee

It was observed by the committee that the LMIA application fee of $1,000 was high for certain businesses, particularly the smaller ones. Paying for the fees is a financial burden for families who want to hire caregivers.
It has been recommended by the committee to IRCC and ESDC to take appropriate steps to extend the tenure of work visa of caregivers from one year to two years.

Making the Path Easy

The basic objective of making these recommendations is to make it easy for temporary workers to settle permanently in Canada and also to make it easy for Canadian employers to hire foreign workers on a temporary basis.

You can know the complete detail by contacting the WWICS complaints cell. They have expertise in providing guidance in applying for Canada study visa and have already helped thousands of people in doing so.

WWICS has always worked in the best interest of its clients. You don’t have to worry about anything once you take the expert guidance of WWICS. In case you want to confirm the type of service that is provided here than you can read the feedbacks from past clients in the WWICS reviews section.


Obtain Passport of Caribbean Islands through WWICS Expertise

We are all fascinated by the pulsating and mysterious lifestyle that is followed by spy agents. A common scene that is usually seen in movies from Bond to Bourne is a suitcase filled with cash and passports from more than one country. Now you too can dream of having passports of more than one country, provided that you have a bag full of cash.

Global immigration consultants like WorldWide Immigration Consultancy Services ( WWICS ) has the expertise and experience in helping you obtain a business visa to Caribbean Islands. You will be guided through the technicalities of filling up application form and submitting your application by this reputed immigration consultant.

By investing in one of the countries in Caribbean Islands you can obtain the citizenship of that country. This will enable you to travel to many countries without applying for a visa. Considering the big tourism industry that is present there, applying for business visa can be a sensible business decision.

The money required to obtain citizenship-by-investment in any of the Caribbean Island countries is considerably less than that of developed nations of the world. For example, you only have to make a non-refundable donation of two hundred and fifty thousand dollars in any of the public charity organization in St Kitts to obtain its citizenship.

You can also make an investment in real estate sector of the country to obtain citizenship-by-investment. In the real estate sector you only have to make an investment of $400,000. To know complete details you can contact global immigration consultants like WWICS.

Just like St Kitts, another good option to make investment is Antigua and Barbuda. By applying for citizenship-by-investment for Antigua and Barbuda through assistance from reputed immigration consultants like WWICS you will get to live at a place which is being frequently visited by Hollywood celebrities.

There is lot of business opportunities as well in Antigua and Barbuda. Add a new feather in your expensive portfolio by acquiring a passport of any of the two above mentioned Caribbean Islands. There are many opportunities that will open up. Collect more information today by contacting a global immigration consultant, WWICS.

Those who want to immigrate to Canada on a permanent basis can get their queries answered at WWICS complaints cell. These people are experts in Canada immigration services. You can take a look at WWICS reviews which contains feedbacks from the clients that have been served by it.


CRS Closes at New Record Low in Express Entry Draw on February 22

Dream of 3,611 aspiring immigrants is now fulfilled. This is the number of invitation that has been sent in the latest Express Entry draw, which was held on February 22. A new record was set by the Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) cut off, which went down to 441.

This new threshold in the CRS points indicates that wide variety of applicants will now be able to apply for permanent residency of Canada. The latest cut off also indicates that candidates who only had educational qualification till graduation level, but has no study or work experience from Canada, along with no job offer or provincial nomination, also have the chance to be received an ITA.

Let us take a look at some scenarios to indicate how it is possible.
The first example is of 28 year old single applicant, Sean. He has a Bachelor’s Degree and advanced English ability. He does not have any post secondary education. He does not have any experience of working or studying in Canada, however, he has three years of skilled work experience abroad. He does not have a provincial nomination or job offer, but he was able to obtain 441 CRS points because of his other factors. 

This was good enough to receive the Invitation to Apply (ITA).

This considerable decrease in the Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) has come after the recent improvements that were made to the Express Entry Immigration System which was implemented on November 19, 2016.

Among the various changes that were made, the number of points that were given to a candidate if he or she has a qualifying job offer has gone down from 600 points to 50 or 200 points, depending on the job offer a candidate has.

It was predicted by Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) that a reduction of points to candidates with arranged employment means the CRS-cut off will decline.

The last few draws have shown that what IRCC had said is now becoming true.
Many provinces in Canada have been quite with their provincial nominee program (PNP) since mid-February. On February 14, Express Entry sub category was opened by Saskatchewan Skilled Worker Program to accept 500 new applications.

It should not surprise that the intake cap was reached within 24 hours of opening of the program. On February 17th British Columbia Provincial Nominee Program (BC PNP) opened up. It accepted 190 eligible students and skilled workers.

Most recently, Human Capital Priorities Stream was opened up by Ontario on February 21st.
It is high time to prepare in the right manner if you want to fulfill your dream to settle in Canada permanently.
Know how you can settle in Canada legally and permanently, contact WWICS complaints cell today and get your questions answered.

Read feedback from thousands of people who have been helped to settle in the country of their choice in the WWICS reviews section.

57% UK Skilled Work Visa Bagged By Indians Last Year

Nearly 60% of the UK Skilled Workers Visas have been bagged by Indian nationals last year, even though the level of immigration has gone down since 2014. These figures have been released by the British government on Thursday.

Last year, a total of 93,244 skilled worker visas were issued by Britain, of these 53,575 were granted to Indian nationals. Chinese and Indian nationals have also taken up the largest number of non-visitor visas, according to a statistics from Migration Statistics Quarterly Report.

When it comes to skilled work visa for Britain, Indian nationals are way ahead of the nationals from other countries. US nationals who come at the second position bagged a total of 9,348 visas which account for just 10% of the total visas granted.

42% of the skilled work visa applications were processed for the information technology sector, 19% were taken for scientific, professional and technical activities and 12% had gone to insurance and financial activities.

India was also among the top three countries who applied for sponsored skilled work visa category, Australia and US were the other two.

Immigration was one of the issues for UK for leaving the European Union. UK Prime Minister Theresa May has decided to work and reduce the number of non-EU students and workers who are coming to UK.

US President Donald Trump, during his inauguration speech, has stated that he will put America first, something which has caused fear in $150 billion Information Technology industry in India. It was feared that the number of H1-B visas issued by US will be reduced.

India is one of the top countries applying for this visa. It has been stated by European Union is willing to bring in more IT professionals from India.

Indians also come first in the number of skilled work visa holders who were given settlement after working in Britain for five years in 2010. Among them 32% people are from the skilled visa category.

This data has been collected during three months after the EU referendum took place in Britain. A total of 596,000 people have immigrated to UK in 2016, as compared to 619,000 in the year before. This is the lowest number of immigration that has taken place in UK since June 2014.

Know how you can settle in UK legally and permanently, contact WWICScomplaints cell today and get your questions answered.

Read feedback from thousands of people who have been helped to settle in the country of their choice in the WWICS reviews section.


Canada Makes Changes in Immigration Rules to Make Them Easier 

The Government of Canada has come out with several changes in its immigration policies in the recent past. The basic purpose of making all these changes has been to make it easy for aspiring immigrants to apply for different visa categories from Canada.

WWICS has kept all these aspirants well informed through news articles as and when these changes have happened. In this article we try to sum up on what all changes that have happened in the recent past.

You must must have noticed that the cut-off threshold in the Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) have done down considerably in the recent past. In the latest draw that took place on 4th May, 2017, the CRS cut-off threshold stood at 423 points.

Changes in Spousal Conditional Permanent Residency Visa

Canada has made it easier for spouse or partner who want to get sponsored to become the permanent resident of Canada. The federal government has removed the requirement for 2 year conditional permanent residency requirement that a sponsored spouse or partner had to spent in order to become eligible for Canada permanent residency. In case you wish to have complete information on how you can sponsor your spouse or partner feel free to contact WWICS.

Increase in Maximum Age Limit for Dependent Children

Since long, the maximum age for dependent children that can be included in the via application from primary applicant has been 19 years. This age has now been increased to 22 years and below. The government of Canada gives the reason that more and more children are staying for a longer duration and getting financial assistance from their parents. It is because of this reason the maximum age has been increased.

Citizenship Legislation Bill C-6 Passes Senate

The Government of Canada is making attempt to make it easy for Canadian immigrants to become the citizen of Canada. The minimum number of years that they are required to stay in order to become eligible to apply for Canadian citizenship has been reduced from four out of six years to three out of five years.

For complete information on how you can become the permanent resident of Canada and settle there permanently you can consult the leading immigration consultant in the world, WWICS.

Know how you can settle in Canada legally and permanently, contact WWICS complaints cell today and get your questions answered.

Read feedback from thousands of people who have been helped to settle in the country of their choice in the WWICS reviews section.


Report Gives Insight in Express Entry Immigration System

The major portion of the Invitation to Apply (ITA) that were issued to Express Entry candidates to become the permanent resident of Canada were having a score below 450 points in the core Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS).

It can be said to be the lowest cut-off threshold over the first two years of any draw in the Express Entry system. Moreover, more than 25% of the all the candidates that were invited had a score below 350 in the CRS. The core CRS score is the number of points obtained by a candidate without having the provincial nomination, an education in Canada or a job offer.

This analysis is one of the many that is done by the Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) last week for the year end Express Entry report for 2016. Along with providing this valuable insight, the report also sends out a justification of the decision of the immigration department for making the changes in the Express Entry system since it was introduced first in January, 2015.

The Express Entry system has gained much more momentum than ever before since the time it was first launched. The current year of 2017 has been the quite extraordinary when we talk of the number of ITAs that have been issued. In the recent months there has been a significant decrease in the CRS cut-off thresholds.

What All Has Happened Till Now?

Through the latest release report we have come to know that:

·         The majority of the candidates that were invited in the year 2016 were having a score of 450 or below. This indicates this has been the lowest cut-off threshold in the past two years for any draw. A total of 33,782 candidates were invited last year, 18,778 candidates were having CRS score less than 450 points.

·         In the year 2015 and 2016, a total of 41,466 applications were submitted for permanent residency. When total number of people are counted than this number rises to 78,015, which means every application represented nearly 1.9 people.

·         In the first two years, a total of 183,009 eligible profiles were created. This means nearly 23% of the profiles were selected for permanent residency. Moreover, there has been a significant increase in the number of invitations issued in this year.

Know how you can settle in Canada legally and permanently, contact WWICS complaints cell today and get your questions answered.


Candidates With 415 and Above CRS Points Sent Invites on May 17 Express Entry Draw 

One more Express Entry draw for immigrating to Canada took place recently. It was one more day to set new records by the immigration system of Canada. The cut-off threshold for the Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) was the lowest of all time.

The Invitation to Apply (ITA) was sent to a total of 3,687 aspiring immigrants who were there in the Express Entry pool. All these candidates in the pool had obtained a minimum of 415 CRS points. These  people will now be in a position to apply for permanent residency of Canada.

The CRS cut-off threshold and the size of the draw were almost in line as per the latest trend that is being followed in the Express Entry system. Starting from the end of last year and in the current year, the number of people that are sent ITA have increased considerably.

Moreover, the cut-off threshold of the Comprehensive Ranking System has decreased considerably. On January 4th it was at 468 points and in the latest Express Entry draw it has gone down to 415 points.

The Express Entry draw that took place on April 19th, the CRS cut-off threshold was at the same mark of 415 points. The draw that took place on May 4th had a CRS cut-off threshold of 423 points.

The candidates who are being sent the ITA are now required to submit their completed application form to Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) to become the permanent resident of Canada.

It is expected that once these applications are submitted, it will take another around six months to process them. It is the target that has been set by IRCC and it has fulfilled its target in the majority of the cases.

The candidates who have been sent the ITA will be living in Canada along with their family members by the end of this year.

Know how you can settle in Canada legally and permanently, contact WWICS complaints cell today and get your questions answered.

Read feedback from thousands of people who have been helped to settle in the country of their choice in the WWICS reviews section.

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