Thursday, January 19, 2017

Canada Implements Lottery System to Reunite Immigrant Families

Canada is in plans to implement a lottery system in place of the first-come, first-served immigration procedure to reunite grandparents and parents.

According to a news update from Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada the change will be implemented to make the immigration system fair for all candidates. In past, a backlog used to get created as the number of people applying for it far outnumbers the number of visas available.

Immigration minister John McCallum said in a statement that they have paid attention to feedbacks from applicants in the past and have taken measures to make the process fair for everyone.

The new process will give equal chance to everyone who has applied to sponsor their parents to come to Canada.

Permanent residents and citizens of Canada who want to sponsor their grandparents and parents will be required to fill an online form between January 3rd and February 2nd, 2017 within 30 days.

Once a prospective sponsor has submitted the information in a proper manner, he or she will get a confirmation number. IRCC has stated that duplicate entries will be removed. Prospective sponsor should understand that by submitting the online form they are only expressed their will, they have not applied for sponsorship as such.

After the 30 days period, 10,000 applications will be randomly picked by IRCC and these people will be invited to submit the completed application form for the Parent and Grandparent program. Applicants who are picked will get 90 days to submit their completed application form.

What if you are not selected?

Everyone will be informed about the status of their application by IRCC regardless of whether they are selected or not. Whose application has not been picked up can submit their application again in 2018.

Sometime back it was announced by McCallum that the waiting period for the reunification of family will be cut to half. At present, the process takes two years and in the coming time it will be reduced to one year.

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