Monday, January 16, 2017

A Brief Look on Global Immigration in the Year Ahead

As we plan to make a successful year ahead, here is a quick look as to how your relocation plan will be affected by the changes that are taking place in different countries.

Brexit Move from UK
The formal process of exiting the EU will be formally started by the end of March. It will take years to untangle the complex exit process and to move UK out of EU. Businesses will be impacted not only in UK and European Union but also across the globe. We should not expect to see any immigration reforms motivated by Brexit.

Australia Sub Class 457 Visa in Play
Immigration in Australia, particularly the largest work permit visa known as Subclass 457 has become the most important issue to be discussed by politicians in Australia. Some bills were introduced in 2016 in the Parliament by the Labor Party which has expanded the requirement of sponsorship and made labor market testing tougher.

A report leaked in December showed that the Liberal Party in Australia is making plans to bring some strong changes in the immigration system and this includes reducing the eligible occupations in some of the visa programs.

Canada Shows Positive Signs on Mobility
The finance minister of Canada indicated in 2016 that corporate immigration is important for the economic vitality of the country. In the Fall Economic 2016 Statement the proposals promises to improve the mobility to Canada.

Plans are also being made to attract investment from foreign entrepreneurs and speed up the process of bringing in more talent by expediting the work permit process. Efforts are also being made to give exemptions to some of the professions that are in demand.

US under Trump Administration
Donald Trump will become the president of United States of America on 20th January and it is expected that some major changes will come up that will impact not only US but also global immigration.

The US immigration policies will be affected by the coming policy shifts and it will have a wave effect, sending an impact on global immigration policies.

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