Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Donald Trump’s Immigration Plans May Stall His Promise to Boost Economy

Donald Trump’s Immigration Plans May Stall His Promise to Boost Economy

WWICS   President-elect Donald Trump promises to increase the growth rate of America two times during his term in office. But, will he really be able to deliver on his promise?

What is more, Trump is not talking about boosting the economy on a temporary basis. His promise is to provide a long term increase in the economy of the country at the rate of 4% per year.

The growth rate of America at present is 2% and according to economists, the best way to do is to get more people working for the country and by making people who are already working more productive.

Tax cuts and government spending will stimulate the economy but only for a short period of time and may result in inflation.

However, bringing in more labor force to work for the economy is a challenge. In the first place, it means fighting the demographic tide.

According to Robert J. Gordon, an economist at the Northwestern University, most of the people from baby boom era will be retiring. At present, there is a shortage of workers in the construction industry and the like.
The only quick solution that is available is to bring in immigrants as workforce that will replace the retiring baby boomers.

The benefits from immigrant workforce are clearly evident if we take a look at the past two decades. Nearly half of the growth in the past twenty years has come from immigrant labor force.

But, Donald Trump who is preparing to deport millions of immigrants may affect the economy in a bad manner. It remains to be seen on what basis he will bring an annual growth of 4% when there are too few hands to work.

According to economists, the rhetoric from Donald Trump was very negative during the election campaign, but now that he has won the election and is in governing mode, he has to contemplate and analyze reality.
If Donald Trump wants to give a 4% annual growth rate than he will need more hands, and for that he will have to call more immigrants to the country.

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