Monday, March 21, 2016

Extended tourist visas for (Aus citizens and PR) parents

Good news for Australia tourist visa applicants! The Government authority of Australia has the relieved the tourist visas regulations for the parents of citizens or permanent residents of the country. This is for the acknowledgment of the precious role that they play in the lives of their loved ones here. In the wordings of Minister for Immigration and Citizenship this would facilitate regular extended family stays for those parents or blood relations who patiently wait for their turn for a parent visa.

To get benefits of this extended visa, the applicants of need to meet “the must requirements” including, adequate funds, health insurance, personality identity requirements and a genuine intend to stay in Australia. The health insurance covers the health expenditures which might be required during their visit. The fulfillment of all the necessary requirements would award them with their five- year tourist visa with one year of stay for parents who were outside Australia. The visa would be available for 12 months in a year and a half period within those 5 years for which the visa is valid.

Once the visa is entitled to the parent, they can visit a free online service called the VEVO – which is Visa Entitlement Verification Online for the organization and the visa applicants to see their current details at secure basis.
The parents must meet Australia’s requirements, they must have the health insurance to swathe the healthcare expenses and must have enough funds to support their visit. Most importantly the intention of the applicant must be visit only.

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Friday, March 4, 2016

Hottest Phenomenal reforms in Canadian Immigration System

WWICS Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) has introduced some phenomenal reforms and changes in the immigration system to be effective from January 2 next year. The changes will address labor shortage problems and help in avoiding backlogs. It will also ensure a fast processing time.

Three significant changes in building a fast and flexible immigration system that have been announced by CIC are introduction of Expression of Interest (EOI) application system to create a massive pool of skilled workers in the country, the introduction of a new Federal Skilled Trades Program that would focus on jobs, growth and long-term prosperity.

The third key reform is announcement of changes in the existing Canada Experience Class (CEC) program to attract the best and brightest manpower from around the world. 

Inspired by an approach developed by New Zealand - and now being used in Australia - an Expression of Interest application system is the model the Government of Canada plans to use to create this pool of skilled workers. The potential immigrants can fill an online form signifying their “immigration interest” in coming to Canada as permanent residents.

Secondly, the Federal Skilled Trades Stream is a dedicated and streamlined program that is aimed at addressing the shortcomings of the existing Federal Skilled Workers program that is on a temporary moratorium. The new program will complement other avenues already in place for skilled tradespersons wishing to immigrate to Canada, such as the Canadian Experience Class (CEC) and the Provincial Nominee Program (PNP).

The professions in high demand would comprise of electricians, welders, heavy-duty equipment mechanics, pipe fitters, among others. The list of occupations would be declared shortly. The key pre-requisites of this new skilled workers program will ensure the aspirant has the exact required skills.

They will have an offer of employment in Canada or a certificate of qualification from a province or territory to ensure that applicants are ‘job ready’ upon arrival.

WWICS Lastly as far as the Canadian Experience Class (CEC) is concerned, there are two immigrant’s categories; firstly foreign graduates from Canadian post-secondary institutions with at least one year of full-time (or equivalent) experience and secondly a temporary foreign worker with at least two years of full-time (or equivalent) experience.

The skilled workers may apply under the CEC program with 12 months of Canadian work experience, a year sooner than the previously required 24 months. In addition to that, Canadian post-secondary institution graduates would now have more time to earn their one year of work experience of up to 36 months.

These changes will make the program more flexible for temporary foreign worker applicants who will be eligible to qualify for permanent residency more quickly. Also, the international students will gain more time to acquire the necessary experience to apply for permanent residency.

WWICS Australia Immigration

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