Thursday, October 6, 2016

Canada Wants New Immigrants to Settle in Small Cities and Rural Areas

The latest statistics from the Canadian government has revealed that active immigration strategies are required to be implemented at the local level with the view to attract immigrants towards rural areas. Some immigration strategies have already been put into force at various towns and small cities in central Canada to attract new immigrants.

New Immigrants Should Spread Evenly Across Canada

These strategies have started to show positive results and have been noticed by other municipalities in Canada. In the year 2015, nearly three-quarters of new immigrants have settled down only in seven cities as permanent resident of Canada: Winnipeg, Ottawa, Edmonton, Calgary, Vancouver, Montreal and Toronto.
The government of Canada is making effort to change this trend and considerably efforts are also being made at the provincial level. John McCallum, the immigration minister of Canada, mentioned that the government is making plans to increase the number of immigrants to be accepted in a year. The government wants to move ahead of the record number of immigrants that are received in 2015.

McCallum added that the last thing they want is all immigrants settling down in just two countries, that is Vancouver and Toronto. Due to the accumulation of majority of immigrants in a handful of cities, it is felt that Canada does not need immigrants. However, the situation is quite the opposite in smaller cities, as the population is aging there and young blood is required to keep the economy going.

Record Number of New Immigrants

Some of the worst affected places are Atlantic, Canada, as the population growth there had been close to zero from 2011 to 2014 in almost all the provinces. Nova Scotia has taken urgent steps by promoting its Provincial Nominee Program aggressively.

To facilitate the entry of more immigrants, a new pilot immigration program has been announced by the Atlantic provinces of Canada. It is clear that there is urgent and grave requirement of new immigrants in Canada.

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