Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Nearly Half of Canada’s Population will be Immigrant by 2036

A comprehensive report has been released by Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) which concludes that nearly half of the population of Canada will be immigrant by the year 2036.

As per the information mentioned in the study which was released by Statistics Canada, the proportion of immigrant in Canada was nearly 20 per cent in the year 2011 and by the year 2036 it will comprise nearly 30 per cent of the overall population.

Multi-Cultural Society

The study has projected that the country will move ahead to become a culturally diverse one in the future. The majority of the immigrants that will be settling down in Canada will be from Asia by the year 2036.

The percentage of immigrants that will be coming from Europe will be on the decline. It will go down from 31 percent at present to 15 percent in the future. The number of immigrants that are coming from Africa will increase to nearly eleven percent.

When we take a look at the working-age population, the share of the visible minority group will increase from nearly 20% to nearly 40% by the 2036. The main visible minority group in this proportion will be from South Asia, just like it is today. Chinese people will come at the second position.

Groups that will increase rapidly in proportion will be from Philippines, Arab and West Asian groups. Just like it has been in the past, Canada will be a land where many languages are spoken in the future as well.
The first language of nearly 30% of the population living in Canada will be other than English and French. However, these people need to be proficient in one of these two languages in order to be competent in the social, professional and academic life.

As per the economic immigration programs from Canada, the principal applicant need to be proficient either in English or in French. At present nearly 20% of population living in Canada is the one that neither has French or English as their first language.

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