Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Donald Trump’s Immigration Plans May Stall His Promise to Boost Economy

Donald Trump’s Immigration Plans May Stall His Promise to Boost Economy

WWICS   President-elect Donald Trump promises to increase the growth rate of America two times during his term in office. But, will he really be able to deliver on his promise?

What is more, Trump is not talking about boosting the economy on a temporary basis. His promise is to provide a long term increase in the economy of the country at the rate of 4% per year.

The growth rate of America at present is 2% and according to economists, the best way to do is to get more people working for the country and by making people who are already working more productive.

Tax cuts and government spending will stimulate the economy but only for a short period of time and may result in inflation.

However, bringing in more labor force to work for the economy is a challenge. In the first place, it means fighting the demographic tide.

According to Robert J. Gordon, an economist at the Northwestern University, most of the people from baby boom era will be retiring. At present, there is a shortage of workers in the construction industry and the like.
The only quick solution that is available is to bring in immigrants as workforce that will replace the retiring baby boomers.

The benefits from immigrant workforce are clearly evident if we take a look at the past two decades. Nearly half of the growth in the past twenty years has come from immigrant labor force.

But, Donald Trump who is preparing to deport millions of immigrants may affect the economy in a bad manner. It remains to be seen on what basis he will bring an annual growth of 4% when there are too few hands to work.

According to economists, the rhetoric from Donald Trump was very negative during the election campaign, but now that he has won the election and is in governing mode, he has to contemplate and analyze reality.
If Donald Trump wants to give a 4% annual growth rate than he will need more hands, and for that he will have to call more immigrants to the country.

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Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Donald Trump Soften Stance on Immigration

It is an often heard scenario across the world. Politicians promise something when they woe people for voting and their stance change when they are elected.

There are indications that President-elect Donald Trump will pull back on some of the immigration policies which he had proposed as a candidate.

Many of the things remain the same, including strongly enforcing the immigration laws that were promised by Trump. He still wants to build a wall that will divide southern borders of United States from Mexico.
However, Donald Trump has become soft on removing 11 million undocumented immigrants that are living in the country.
At the start of his election campaign, he proposed to block all Muslim immigrants had been changed just before the November 8 voting. As per the new proposal, new immigrants will be carefully vetted before they enter the country.

Donald Trump has also indicated that he may cancel some of the executive order from President Barack Obama, but also indicated that he is ready to compromise on certain issues.

During the election campaign, one immigration order from Obama is often talked about by Trump. It is about nearly 700,000 immigrants who are living illegally in the country and who entered US as children and were given the permission to work legally.

These people are at times called ‘dreamers’. In a recent discussion held with Time magazine, Trump showed his soft side in this issues and talks of coming out with a way that will make people proud and happy.

Donald Trump added that these people came to this country at a very young age, they have gone to school here and have been good students, and they have worked here and have wonderful jobs.

During the election period, Trump said that he will remove all the illegal immigrants, now he moulds his thoughts and says that only undocumented immigrants will be removed particularly those who have committed crimes.
This is something which will not be easy for Trump to implement as during Obama administration some countries refused to accept the return of their citizens.

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Saturday, December 17, 2016

Canada Makes Major Changes in Temporary Foreign Workers Program

Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) made changes in its temporary foreign workers program which will be effective immediately. As per the new rule, the four year cumulative duration rule will not be applicable any longer.

As per this rule, which is famously known as ‘four in, four out’, implies that some foreign workers lose their eligibility to work in Canada for 4 years after they complete four years of work in Canada. 

Originally, this rule was implemented in April, 2011, by the previous Conservative government. During that time, the government implemented the rule with the thought that many workers lose ties with the country of their origin as they have to obtain Canada permanent residency.

However, the rule ran into controversy soon as it also affected employers, families and the communities along with the workers as they had established social and economic ties. Foreign workers, in many cases, were not able to become eligible to apply for Canada permanent residency. This meant that they had to leave the country after the completion of four years.

Preventing Instability and Hardship

On December 13, 2016, it was stated by IRCC that ‘four-in, four-out’ provision will be put to end with immediate effect. Its objective is to prevent unwanted instability and hardship for both the employers and workers.

IRCC also added that the work of government is not over yet, as it is further developing pathways to help eligible candidates become the permanent residents of Canada. The government is still making plans to fine tune this issue.

The four year rule has put considerable amount of instability and uncertainty on both employers and foreign workers in many ways. According the immigration minister, John McCallum, there was unnecessary pressure not only of employers and applicants but also on officer who process the application for permanent residency.

The four year rule will not be applicable on all foreign workers living in Canada. Exemptions apply on workers in professional (NOC A) and managerial (National Occupational Classification 0) positions, workers with provincial nomination certificate and workers in Canada under NAFTA.

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Thursday, December 8, 2016

Donald Trump Administration May Loose Billions in GDP if 11 Millions are Deported

Donald Trump has appointed new officers in his cabinet and the backgrounds of these officers indicate that they can take tough stance on immigration and environment. However, it looks like that Trump is becoming soft on his immigration stance.

It is getting clear that until the time Donald Trump takes office in the oval office, the actual policies of president will not be clear.

Under the Trump administration, the Department of Homeland Security will be headed by retired Marine gen. John Kelly. Scott Pruitt who is the Attorney General of Oklahoma, the one has been a denier of climate change whose policies had been quite beneficial for fossil fuel companies, will be given the charge of Environmental Protection Agency.

The former chief executive of World Wrestling Entertainment, Linda McMahon, will be appointed as the head of Small Business Administration. Her appointment will breathe in new life in the post of secretary.
N the latest news update, mayors of some of the major cities in US have warned President-elect Donald Trump, that if he removes the program that give permission to young illegal workers to remain in the United States than it may lead to economic harm.

In a letter to Trump it has been mentioned that if these illegal immigrants are deported from the country than it will result in a loss of $430 billion of US gross domestic product in the next 10 years and a loss of nearly $10 billion in tax revenues.

In 2012, an executive order was passed known as the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals which allowed undocumented young immigrants below the age of 16 to remain in the country and pursue higher studies without any fear of deportation. These people were also allowed to work or serve as military personnel.

This order needs to be renewed after every two years. According to the promoters of this program, it enables to instill national security and public safety. As per the letter, more than 740,000 undocumented people have been part of DACA.

It looks like that the Donald Trump administration is set to reverse this regulation. As per an estimate, nearly 11 million people will be deported from the country.

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Friday, December 2, 2016

University of California Pledges to Protect Illegal Immigrants from Donald Trump Administration

University of California Pledges to Protect Illegal Immigrants from Donald Trump Administration

Janet Napolitano is a former official of Obama administration and she is now head of California’s public university system. Janet is preparing to fight President-elect Donald Trump over illegal immigration.

During the first term of Obama, she has served as secretary of Homeland Security and an announcement has been made by her that the vast system of higher education will now put into force the federal law when it comes to undocumented immigrants.

Janet said that we are still not aware about the new practices and policies that the Donald Trump administration will come up with, but considering the proposals that have been put forward by President-
elect during the election campaign, we would like to reaffirm that the right to live, work and study safely will be held for everyone here.

The university system, however, did not declared that it is a sanctuary, but it clearly mentioned that it will protect students of University of California who are now living illegally in the country.

It has been added that the university system will not break any law, but, simple, the local police officials will not join any operation that will be carried out by immigration authorities or other agencies.

As per the federal law, campus police and other law enforcement agencies is supposed to report in case they suspect any illegal immigrant who is residing in the country. Promises that have been made by Donald Trump on illegal immigrants have been openly defied by dozens of cities across the United States including numerous churches and colleges.

No action has been taken by the Obama administration, but Donald Trump has said that he will cut down federal funding to all the cities that do not co-operate. Illegal immigrants will be admitted by the University of California is the same manner as permanent residents or citizens of US.

As per the official new policy from Napolitano, it is not mandatory for campus police to cooperate with federal, state or local law enforcement agencies to investigate arrest or detain people who violate federal immigration laws.

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Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Increase in Canada Immigration after Donald Trump Win

It is official now that Donald Trump is the president of the United States of America. The business mogul turned reality TV star was voted to presidency by the public of America. It is not just Donald Trump, but his followers are ecstatic too.

For those who are not in support of this decision are making plans to get out of the territory ruled by Trump. The most favorable destination for these people is Canada. When Trump was nominated as the presidential runner from the Republican Party, there was an instant surge in the number of people wanting to move to Canada.

‘How to move to Canada’ was the most searched keyword on Google. The same trend was seen when Trump was close to winning the presidential race.

For many people Trump represents something sinister. This view point is not without reasons, as many comments made by Trump during the election campaign have been viewed as misogynistic, sexist and racist.
This is not all, Trump proposed anti-immigration and anti-trade policies during his election campaign. Now that he is president, in all likelihood these policies will be put into operation. It is because of this reason there are numerous US residents who are looking forward to move abroad, and particularly Canada.

How to Move to Canada from USA

The most promising way to move to Canada from US is by obtaining permanent residency of Canada. The options that are available to achieve this objective are by making investment or by applying for study or work in Canada.

Temporary workers, who have job offer from an employer in Canada, are in a better position for immigrating to Canada. Business persons in US can spread their business beyond national boundaries by making an investment in Canada. This way they can immigrate to Canada with their entire family.

The strong and stable economy of Canada makes for the right place for Americans who wish to settle down in a peaceful place.

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Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Massive Increase in Canadian Immigration Recommended by Government Advisory Group

An external advisory group has asked the government of Canada to substantial increase the number of immigration to the country. The advisory council on economic growth stated that the immigration to the country should be increased by around 50% to an annual intake of 450,000 new immigrants over five years.

The advisory group also mentioned that entry of entrepreneurs and skilled workers should be made easier. As per the group, immigration is being considered as part of the work to boost the economy in the short and long term.

 The Magic Figure of 450,000 New Immigrants

The group which comprises of 14 members includes academics, venture capitalists, business executives and investors. In case the recommendations from the advisory group are implemented by the government, it will continue with the task that was started nearly 12 months ago when it took office.

It has been reported that immigration number has been the highest in the recent history, as more than 300,000 new immigrants were called to the country. This number is nearly 1/3 higher than previous year when nearly 240,000 new immigrants. In the past three decades this has been the fastest growth till now.

Apart from all this, it has been specifically mentioned by immigration minister of Canada, John McCallum, which the country needs to overcome shortage of labor and the demographic challenges that are related to aging population.

The Liberty Party of Canada which is in government at present is been seen as supportive to multiculturalism, diversity and immigration. Ever since the Liberal party has taken office a large number of entrepreneurs, skilled workers and refugees have come to the country.

Considerable Decrease in Processing Time
In the next few weeks, it is expected that a new immigration plan will be revealed by the government for the year 2017. There is high probability that many improvements will be made in the current immigration system resulting in considerable decrease in processing time.

Measures that have already been taken by the government of Canada has already yielded positive results, the processing time of permanent residency visa has reduced considerably. This has facilitated in more annual intake of new immigrant.

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Friday, October 28, 2016

Provide Genuine Information to get Genuine Immigration Service

Is there any such thing as ‘100% guaranteed’?

It is a term prominently used by various businesses and organizations including immigration agents. When we take a look at past records of immigration agents and the secrecy followed by visa granting authorities, this term is nothing but a marketing gimmick.

Unfortunately, those who have an ambition to settle in a new country overlook this marketing tactic and fall prey to fraudulent activities.

Many people post negative reviews or WWICS complaints on the internet. They feel cheated and complain that the agency is a fraud. It should be noted here that everything is not in the hands of an immigration agency.

People who put WWICS complaints that their file was in process for very long is mainly because the visa granting authority view each case individually. They do not clear the file unless they are clear with all the information that is mentioned by you.

Thousands of cases that have been successfully processed by the agency speak about the genuine and diligent work that has been undertaken by them in the past 22 years. The agency works according to the information provided by a client. They consider that the client is acting in true faith towards them and guides him or her according to the credentials shown.

In case a client has presented information in a manipulated form, then it is caught by the visa embassy as they cross check information. The end result is that the process takes longer than usual time or the application is rejected completely.

In such incidences a frustrated client shouts that a fraud has be committed and puts negative WWWICS reviews on the website. But, when the whole scenario is considered, there is no fault on the part of the immigration agency.

How can you expect proper treatment from a doctor, if you did not provide true information? Afterwards the patient complaint, that the doctor is not good. Same is the case with immigration agency, in case you do not provide true information, how can you expect genuine service
WWICS reviews provided by one of its client read as follows: ‘I wish to thank you for the dedicated effort put by you. I received my Canada visa recently. The team here is really helpful and very competent. Keep doing the good work and all the best’.

Make sure you are true when you fill out the visa application form. This is the only way you can expect to have true service from a visa consultant.

Thursday, October 6, 2016

Canada Wants New Immigrants to Settle in Small Cities and Rural Areas

The latest statistics from the Canadian government has revealed that active immigration strategies are required to be implemented at the local level with the view to attract immigrants towards rural areas. Some immigration strategies have already been put into force at various towns and small cities in central Canada to attract new immigrants.

New Immigrants Should Spread Evenly Across Canada

These strategies have started to show positive results and have been noticed by other municipalities in Canada. In the year 2015, nearly three-quarters of new immigrants have settled down only in seven cities as permanent resident of Canada: Winnipeg, Ottawa, Edmonton, Calgary, Vancouver, Montreal and Toronto.
The government of Canada is making effort to change this trend and considerably efforts are also being made at the provincial level. John McCallum, the immigration minister of Canada, mentioned that the government is making plans to increase the number of immigrants to be accepted in a year. The government wants to move ahead of the record number of immigrants that are received in 2015.

McCallum added that the last thing they want is all immigrants settling down in just two countries, that is Vancouver and Toronto. Due to the accumulation of majority of immigrants in a handful of cities, it is felt that Canada does not need immigrants. However, the situation is quite the opposite in smaller cities, as the population is aging there and young blood is required to keep the economy going.

Record Number of New Immigrants

Some of the worst affected places are Atlantic, Canada, as the population growth there had been close to zero from 2011 to 2014 in almost all the provinces. Nova Scotia has taken urgent steps by promoting its Provincial Nominee Program aggressively.

To facilitate the entry of more immigrants, a new pilot immigration program has been announced by the Atlantic provinces of Canada. It is clear that there is urgent and grave requirement of new immigrants in Canada.

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Thursday, August 11, 2016

Canada Plans to Admit Over 300,000 New Immigrants this Year

The Canadian government is planning to set up a new type of record, as it aims to bring more than 300,000 new immigrants to the country, this year. This number will be the highest, if the Canadian government is able to achieve it, with an increase of 7% as compared to previous year.

The government has already made plans on how it is going to achieve this target of immigration level. A good portion of these immigrants will include family sponsorship visas and refugees too. However, nearly half of all the immigrants who will be called to the country will be through economic immigration class visa.

It has been planned out that a total of 160,000 people will be given Canada’s permanent resident visa under the economic class program. The government of Canada plans to increase the number of permanent resident for each category by 20,000 for this year.

According to the immigration minister of Canada, the immigration plans formed by the government is in line with the tradition of the country which is considered as the most welcoming and generous nation. It comes as welcoming news to thousands of people who have applied for permanent residency of Canada and are waiting for approval.

The government of Canada has made conducive environment for people who want to settle in the country. The standard of life for the people living in the country is high, wages that are provided for every sector is competitive in the industry, and the country is comparatively much safer to live in with low crime rates.

There are three categories under which aspiring immigrants are granted Canada permanent residency, including economic class, family class and refugees and humanitarian. Around 60,000 individuals will be allowed to settle in the country under the refugees and humanitarian category. 80,000 people will be given Canada permanent residency under the Family category program, and more than 160,000 under the economic category.

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Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Obama Administration Returns Back to Supreme Court with Immigration Case


United States president Barrack Obama and his administration have moved back to the Supreme Court with a plea to hear the case on immigration again. The case is to allow nearly four million people who are living illegally to stay in the country.

According to critics, Obama administration is expecting too much from the highest judiciary, as in the majority of the cases these cases are normally rejected.

The bench of justice came out with a tie of 4 – 4 last months, which meant the decision taken by the lower court remained into effect which overruled to bring the immigration plan into effect.

The immigration plan was announced in 2014, with the objective to allow nearly four million people who are living illegally to remain in the country. 25 states including Texas sued against the plan that was proposed by President reasoning that he does not have the rights to bring in such changes.

The decision that was taken by Supreme Court was not based on those claims. As the case has been presented again the Justice Department stated that this is an important case presenting it again is in line with the historical practice.

The present government has acknowledged again that in very rare circumstances that the government hears a case for a second time. It was back in 1954, that such a request was accepted. The case of immigration is exceedingly important, and the highest judiciary would like to pay attention to it again.

The government was of the view that if they file the case again now, the decision will be kept on hold by the court till the time a ninth justice has been appointed. The case was filed again in the court with the reason that when the decision was taken on the case, the vacancy resulted in a tie on the decision taken.

According to a lawyer who appears frequently before the court stated that it comes as a big surprise that the court has accepted to hear the case once again. The government should not be blamed for trying to present the case again, but there is not much left in the case to be heard.

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Tuesday, July 5, 2016

WWICS ---- Ottawa Announce Programs To Boost Immigration

The federal government of Canada and the four Atlantic premieres has made the decision to launch a program to dramatically increase the number of immigration intake. These measures have been taken to counter the slumping economy and aging population. It has been proposed the number of intake will be doubled from its present state.

The new immigration plans will also look into creation of new jobs and boosting innovation. It is planned that the federal government will bring in 2,000 more immigrants apart from the apart from the number of immigrants a province is allowed to take through the provincial nominee program.

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In case the new program turns out to be fruitful, it is expected that the number of working hands will increase considerably in the next two years. All the four provinces will get equal number of immigrants and the skills of immigrants will be matched closely with the requirement of the employers and local businesses.

Treasury Board President Scott Brison made a statement that the region should start framing a welcoming culture where they can attract new faces in the form of immigrants. In case the program started here is successful than other provinces will follow the same.

The government of the region is making effort not only to boost immigration, but efforts are being made to improve the infrastructure, provide better broadband connectivity, create an international market for the food products produced in the region and to promote tourism as well.

This program goes on to show that co-operation has increased between the four Atlantic Provinces and Ottawa. This wave of boosting the economy and to bring in new immigrants who can work towards the growth of country has caught up in other provinces as well.

Not everyone, however, is in support of increasing immigration. A group of politician believes that slow down in economy cannot be countered alone by increasing the immigration, particularly, when we are not able to provide sufficient work to these people.

Moreover, the government also needs to take care of local workforce that remains largely unemployed. A proper balance need to be maintained between the local workforce and the number of immigrants that are being called.

Friday, May 20, 2016

Reliable and Experienced WWICS Can Help You Immigrate to Your Dream Country

When you pass out from a college, you are a fresh hand and it is difficult to get a job. Many Indian companies prefer to employ people with experience. A good way to enhance your professional capability is to apply for Australia immigration and earn overseas experience. You can also choose to pursue further studies and apply for student visa for Australia.

Nearly one-fourth of the residents in Australia are immigrants and they contribute heavily in the development of the Australian economy. It is because of this reason the government of Australia has an open door policy for people who want to come there for study or to settle down there. In case you are interested in applying for visa for Australia and searching for a reliable immigration consultant, you can check out WWICS reviews.

The government of Australia likes to have more immigrants contributing to their economy; still a person who wishes to apply for visa for Australia has to fulfill certain requirements in order to get approved for Australian immigration.

One of the many requirements include is to show that you are proficient in English. A person has to pass an English proficiency test and obtain a certain grade in order to get approval. Lower grades in the English proficiency test means your chances of approval will decrease. Check out the WWICS reviews to find out how aspiring immigrants were helped in getting Canada or Australia visa.

You can also apply for student visa for Australia with help from WWICS, your chances of approval increases considerably. This is because of the fact that WWICS has many years of experience in providing global resettlement services. It has expertise in dealing with student visa, business visa and permanent residency visa.

Very rarely, WWICS complaints have been received till now on the working procedure followed by it. The group has formed its complaints cells where it looks after any type of complaints that is received by it. This shows that WWICS is concerned about the problems and tension faced by its clients during immigration process.

Australia is a land of any opportunities and promises to provide a good life. You can make this life your own and in this you can take the help from trusted and experienced WWICS Group. You can check out what some of its ex-clients have to say by reading the WWICS reviews.

The WWICS reviews provided on its website proves the wonderful service that is provided by it. Contact a consultant at WWICS today and learn how you can apply for visa for Australia.

Friday, May 6, 2016

High Number of Family Based Super Visa Immigrants, Skilled Workers & Professionals Continued to Be Admitted by Canada

A preliminary data released recently by Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) clearly highlights that Canada continued admitting high number of new immigrants in the country in 2011. As per the data, no less than 248,660 immigrants were given Permanent Resident status in 2011, which consisted of 156,077 new economic immigrants, including immigrants on Canadian Skilled Workers & Professionals visa and 56,419 new family class immigrants and others.

Presently, the 29 POL of the Federal Skilled Worker Program has an annual cap of 10,000 new applications with a cap of 500 for each of the 29 occupations listed. Applicants with a job offer in an occupation where there is a shortage area are not affected by the cap. In case you do not have such a job offer, then the availability of visas is limited, since the 500 cap per occupation can be reached very quickly.

No sooner was the Parent and Grandparent Super Visa Program announced in December 2011, it became a popular choice for new immigrants with approval granted to over thousand applications. There has been an overall approval rate of 77 percent. year."

"Canada's per-capita immigration rate remains one of the highest in the world. Immigration has always been a sustaining feature of Canada's history and continues to play an important role in building our country. I'm pleased that the Parent and Grandparent Super Visa is working as intended and giving large numbers of eligible parents and grandparents an opportunity to spend extended periods of time with their families in Canada," said Citizenship & Immigration Minister Jason Kenney.

Following are the requirements to be met with by Super Visa applicants:
• Submit proof that the host child or grandchild meets a minimum income.
• Demonstrate that they have purchased comprehensive Canadian medical insurance.
• Undergo the Immigration Medical Examination procedure.

As of 26 February 2012, 80 percent of Super Visa applications were being processed within 41 calendar days. As noted by Kenney that application volumes continue to increase, CIC will also maintain its aim for a Super Visa processing time of eight weeks or lesser.

Lt. Col. B S Sandhu (Retd.), CMD, WWICS, the World's Largest Immigration Group said, "Federal Skilled Worker Program and Parent and Grandparent Super Visa program have been helping greatly all the Skilled Professionals as well as the eligible parents/grandparents, giving them the opportunity to immigrate to the maple country at the earliest possible. Canada’s charm and immigrant friendly regulations help it maintain its popularity at all times."