Friday, December 2, 2016

University of California Pledges to Protect Illegal Immigrants from Donald Trump Administration

University of California Pledges to Protect Illegal Immigrants from Donald Trump Administration

Janet Napolitano is a former official of Obama administration and she is now head of California’s public university system. Janet is preparing to fight President-elect Donald Trump over illegal immigration.

During the first term of Obama, she has served as secretary of Homeland Security and an announcement has been made by her that the vast system of higher education will now put into force the federal law when it comes to undocumented immigrants.

Janet said that we are still not aware about the new practices and policies that the Donald Trump administration will come up with, but considering the proposals that have been put forward by President-
elect during the election campaign, we would like to reaffirm that the right to live, work and study safely will be held for everyone here.

The university system, however, did not declared that it is a sanctuary, but it clearly mentioned that it will protect students of University of California who are now living illegally in the country.

It has been added that the university system will not break any law, but, simple, the local police officials will not join any operation that will be carried out by immigration authorities or other agencies.

As per the federal law, campus police and other law enforcement agencies is supposed to report in case they suspect any illegal immigrant who is residing in the country. Promises that have been made by Donald Trump on illegal immigrants have been openly defied by dozens of cities across the United States including numerous churches and colleges.

No action has been taken by the Obama administration, but Donald Trump has said that he will cut down federal funding to all the cities that do not co-operate. Illegal immigrants will be admitted by the University of California is the same manner as permanent residents or citizens of US.

As per the official new policy from Napolitano, it is not mandatory for campus police to cooperate with federal, state or local law enforcement agencies to investigate arrest or detain people who violate federal immigration laws.

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