Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Donald Trump Soften Stance on Immigration

It is an often heard scenario across the world. Politicians promise something when they woe people for voting and their stance change when they are elected.

There are indications that President-elect Donald Trump will pull back on some of the immigration policies which he had proposed as a candidate.

Many of the things remain the same, including strongly enforcing the immigration laws that were promised by Trump. He still wants to build a wall that will divide southern borders of United States from Mexico.
However, Donald Trump has become soft on removing 11 million undocumented immigrants that are living in the country.
At the start of his election campaign, he proposed to block all Muslim immigrants had been changed just before the November 8 voting. As per the new proposal, new immigrants will be carefully vetted before they enter the country.

Donald Trump has also indicated that he may cancel some of the executive order from President Barack Obama, but also indicated that he is ready to compromise on certain issues.

During the election campaign, one immigration order from Obama is often talked about by Trump. It is about nearly 700,000 immigrants who are living illegally in the country and who entered US as children and were given the permission to work legally.

These people are at times called ‘dreamers’. In a recent discussion held with Time magazine, Trump showed his soft side in this issues and talks of coming out with a way that will make people proud and happy.

Donald Trump added that these people came to this country at a very young age, they have gone to school here and have been good students, and they have worked here and have wonderful jobs.

During the election period, Trump said that he will remove all the illegal immigrants, now he moulds his thoughts and says that only undocumented immigrants will be removed particularly those who have committed crimes.
This is something which will not be easy for Trump to implement as during Obama administration some countries refused to accept the return of their citizens.

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