Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Massive Increase in Canadian Immigration Recommended by Government Advisory Group

An external advisory group has asked the government of Canada to substantial increase the number of immigration to the country. The advisory council on economic growth stated that the immigration to the country should be increased by around 50% to an annual intake of 450,000 new immigrants over five years.

The advisory group also mentioned that entry of entrepreneurs and skilled workers should be made easier. As per the group, immigration is being considered as part of the work to boost the economy in the short and long term.

 The Magic Figure of 450,000 New Immigrants

The group which comprises of 14 members includes academics, venture capitalists, business executives and investors. In case the recommendations from the advisory group are implemented by the government, it will continue with the task that was started nearly 12 months ago when it took office.

It has been reported that immigration number has been the highest in the recent history, as more than 300,000 new immigrants were called to the country. This number is nearly 1/3 higher than previous year when nearly 240,000 new immigrants. In the past three decades this has been the fastest growth till now.

Apart from all this, it has been specifically mentioned by immigration minister of Canada, John McCallum, which the country needs to overcome shortage of labor and the demographic challenges that are related to aging population.

The Liberty Party of Canada which is in government at present is been seen as supportive to multiculturalism, diversity and immigration. Ever since the Liberal party has taken office a large number of entrepreneurs, skilled workers and refugees have come to the country.

Considerable Decrease in Processing Time
In the next few weeks, it is expected that a new immigration plan will be revealed by the government for the year 2017. There is high probability that many improvements will be made in the current immigration system resulting in considerable decrease in processing time.

Measures that have already been taken by the government of Canada has already yielded positive results, the processing time of permanent residency visa has reduced considerably. This has facilitated in more annual intake of new immigrant.

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