Thursday, August 11, 2016

Canada Plans to Admit Over 300,000 New Immigrants this Year

The Canadian government is planning to set up a new type of record, as it aims to bring more than 300,000 new immigrants to the country, this year. This number will be the highest, if the Canadian government is able to achieve it, with an increase of 7% as compared to previous year.

The government has already made plans on how it is going to achieve this target of immigration level. A good portion of these immigrants will include family sponsorship visas and refugees too. However, nearly half of all the immigrants who will be called to the country will be through economic immigration class visa.

It has been planned out that a total of 160,000 people will be given Canada’s permanent resident visa under the economic class program. The government of Canada plans to increase the number of permanent resident for each category by 20,000 for this year.

According to the immigration minister of Canada, the immigration plans formed by the government is in line with the tradition of the country which is considered as the most welcoming and generous nation. It comes as welcoming news to thousands of people who have applied for permanent residency of Canada and are waiting for approval.

The government of Canada has made conducive environment for people who want to settle in the country. The standard of life for the people living in the country is high, wages that are provided for every sector is competitive in the industry, and the country is comparatively much safer to live in with low crime rates.

There are three categories under which aspiring immigrants are granted Canada permanent residency, including economic class, family class and refugees and humanitarian. Around 60,000 individuals will be allowed to settle in the country under the refugees and humanitarian category. 80,000 people will be given Canada permanent residency under the Family category program, and more than 160,000 under the economic category.

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