Friday, August 11, 2017

2,991 Candidates Invited on August 9 Express Entry Draw

The August 9nd Express Entry draw is the second one in the month of August. A total of 2,991 candidates were picked up from the pool and were sent the Invitation to Apply (ITA). These people will now be in a position to apply for permanent residency of Canada.

The cut-off for the Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) score stood at 433 points. The invited candidates have now moved a step closer to become the permanent resident of Canada, along with their spouse or common-law-partner as well as dependent children.

It is expected that complete applications that are submitted will be processed by IRCC within the next six months.

The three past draws that occurred since those progressions happened all had a CRS cut-off edge in the 440's. The way that the most recent draw took after rapidly after the past draw, which occurred precisely seven days back on August 2, would have been a contributing variable to the lessening in the edge this time around, as longer crevices between attracts enable more contender to enter the pool.

Following the present draw, the aggregate number of ITAs issued since Express Entry was propelled in January, 2015 stands at 125,587. Of these, 60,742 have been issued so far this year; this is altogether more than the aggregate number issued in all of a year ago.

The difference in CRS cut-off threshold between August 2nd and the previous draw that took place on July 12th is just of 1 point. The latest Express Entry draw closing at one point higher than the previous one.

It is worth noting here that the gap of three weeks between these two draws has been longer than on numerous occasions previously.

This gave longer than usual time to candidates who are already in the pool to update their profile and increase their points total and more candidates entered the Express Entry pool than before.

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