Thursday, March 16, 2017

Donald Trump Second Travel Ban Blocked by Federal Judge

The second travel ban from Donald Trump administration has been blocked by a federal judge in Hawaii, hours before it was to become effective. The judge put the ban on hold after hearing the argument that the new executive order from President Trump discriminates people on the basis of nationality.

The ruling has come after the legal challenges were renewed by the opponents across the country. Three states asked the judge to block the executive order which is being issued specifically for six Muslim dominated countries.

There are nearly half a dozen states that are making efforts to stop the ban. The federal courts in Hawaii, Washington state and Maryland listened to arguments as to whether to put the ban or not.

Decision from Derrick Watson, US District Court Judge has prevented the executive order from becoming effective, at least for the time being. A temporary restraining order has been asked by Hawaii.

Hawaii has also reasoned that the executive order ban will prevent residents from meeting with their relatives coming from the six banned countries. It has also been reasoned that tourism industry will be hit hard due to ban and it will also block the recruitment of foreign workers and students.

The attorneys in Maryland has reasoned that the executive order is a discrimination against Muslims. Government attorney who tried to protect the executive order reasoned that substantial changes have been made to address the legal issues. Measures have been taken to exempt religious minorities from the countries that are affected.

Jeffrey Wall reasoned that the ban does not mentioned anything about religion. No distinction has been made based on religion.

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