Tuesday, February 7, 2017

10 Tips to Survive Your First Canadian Winter

Breathtaking natural attractions and diverse culture makes Canada a truly remarkable place for immigrants. However, immigrants coming from Asian region, particularly India will find Canadian winter season very cold.
Some of the iciest places in the world are found in Canada as during winter season temperature can go down as low as -15 degrees Celsius every day. Chilling winds can push the mercury down to dangerous levels.
It is one unique feature of Canada and to appreciate and enjoy this weather one need to be prepared beforehand. Here are some reasons essential tips on how to enjoy cold weather thoroughly:
  • 1.       Check the weather regularly particularly during winter season. It is always better to be aware of when the cold arctic blasts and snowstorms are expected.
  • 2.       Wear layers of clothes to protect yourself. It is an effective trick that will shield your body from frigid temperatures, dampness and wind.
  • 3.       Choice of fabric really matters to shield from Canadian winter. Some fabrics such as fleece and wool are better suited to ward of cold temperature.
  • 4.       Our body loses much of its heat from foot. To keep our extremities warm it is better way to invest in a good pair of winter boots and thick warm socks. This will protect our toes from frostbite.
  • 5.       You should always keep hats, gloves and scarves with you. These are essential things that can easily be forgotten when you leave from home.
  • 6.       Keep a warm blanket, flashlight and emergency kit in your car all the time. Just in case you get stuck in a storm or the car breaks down.
  • 7.       Fuel tank of your car need to be kept half full particularly during winter season in Canada as it will prevent a fuel line freeze.
  • 8.       You should try to stay active as it is not healthy to stay coped up during the cold and harsh winter season. Make sure you enjoy different type of fun activities in Canada as and when you get the chance.
  • 9.       Make sure to use sun protection even during winter season.

  • 10.   Always go outside with all covered up even if it is for few minutes only. You should never underestimate cold weather.
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