Friday, May 6, 2016

Apply Early for US Visas: Immigration Officials Advise Indian Students

Aspiring students in India wishing to realize their study overseas dreams in the most favored destination country, the US, are being advised to apply for US visas at the earliest by the United States-India Educational Foundation and US immigration officials. The officials are of the belief that applying for visas early will give students enough time to prepare for their personal interview sessions.

Vice Consul of the Consulate General of the US, Jessica Pfleiderer stressed upon the need for aspiring students to come prepared well so as to clear the US visa interview.

"Applying early for US visa is the key to ensure a hassle free process for the students, who want to study in the United States," said Pfleiderer about the immigration process.

Adding to that she said for US Student visa applications, the period stretching between April and July is the peak season, which means those applying as early as possible will have more time to come prepared for their interviews, hence increasing their chances of getting US Student visa.

Emphasis is laid upon getting to know the interviewee better through the interview session rather than the information given in the documents of the applicant. This is why it is highly imperative that the applicants come all prepared for the interview.

Pfleiderer also warned student visa applicants to submit only real documents since presenting fake documents could make them permanently ineligible for a US visa, thus will be unable to immigrate to the US, ever.

Citing the recommendation made by the immigration officials, Lt. Col. B S Sandhu (Retd.), CMD of WWICS, the World’s Largest Immigration Group said, "Students aspiring to reach the US must apply for visas at the earliest so that they have enough time to prepare for the interview. It is their performance at the interview session which can make or break their chances of getting a visa.

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